Gong – Love from Planet Gong

For many in the 1970’s it was Gong that introduced them to true psychedelia. Taking one hit of the band’s music certainly could send one on an illustrious journey that could take a while to return from. Now a 13 disc / 127 track deluxe box set brings back those daze from their Virgin years featuring tongs of rare and previously unreleased content. Remastered for the very first time from the original Virgin masters by original engineer Simon Heyworth and Mike Howlett from the band and curated by Steve Hillage.

For surround enthusiasts, the gem that is buried in this deluxe set is the previously Unreleased quad mixes of the band’s 1974 album “You” using the Pye and Westlake mixes found on the DVD upmixed to surround. But in order to mine that gem, fans will need to shell out for the entire box set that also contains the first four studio albums and bonus tracks, along with the John Peel 1973 & 1974 sessions from BBC Radio One, songs from the Edinburgh Festival in 1973, their concert at the Bataclan, Paris in 1973 and a show at Club Arc En Ciel, Roanne in 1973, plus a CD from their free concert in Hyde Park, London in 1974, and more live material from their London Marquee Club promoting the release of “Shamal.” The set also contains notes by Jonny Greene of the Gong Appreciation Society, plus an expanded edition of the famous “Blue Book” of lyrics and doodles which is now being called “The Green Book.”

That is a long trip to unearth the quad gem, but it is one fans must take to enter the surround world of 1970’s Gong.

Released September 27, 2019


12 CD + 1 DVD with 5.1 upmix of the Quad Mix of their album "You".


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