Steve Hackett - Surrender of SilenceThe lockdown has affected each of us in many different ways, but for legendary guitarist Steve Hackett this will be the first time he has completed two studio albums for release within the same year! The new album “Surrender of Silence” arrives in early September 2021 and features 11 new songs that further explore Hackett’s love of world music, discovery of different sounds, moods, and textures to deliver a diverse rock album with progressive leanings.

 As with his January release that hit number 2 in the UK Classical Album Chart, “Under a Mediterranean Sky,” Surrender of Silence was also recorded during the worldwide pandemic, wherein Hackett has called upon some of his musical friends from across the world to contribute. Musicians include his regular touring bandmate Roger King handling keyboards, programming, and orchestral arrangements; Rob Townsend playing the sax and clarinet; bassist Jonas Reingold; vocalist And Sylvan; and Craig Blundell on drums,

While the album is full-on electric the musical journey takes listeners from the classical orchestrations of Russia (Natalia) to the plains of Africa (Wingbeats) to mysterious Eastern shores (Shanghai To Samarkand), all via the ocean's depths (Relaxation Music for Sharks). Naturally the album is chalk full of soaring guitar solos and intricate weaving melodies, all which unleashed some demons, dreams, and nightmares, all crashing together over the shore. Hacket notes “We all have a voice in our cacophony of sound, and we cry out together in the Surrender of Silence!”

All tracks were recorded by Roger King and produced by Steve Hackett with Roger King at Siren. Hi-Res multi-channel collectors will be most interested in the CD+Blu-ray mediabook limited edition that is housed in a hardcover slipcase, and includes a 5.1 surround mix. The album will also be release on standard CD jewel case and a gatefold 2LP+CD & LP-booklet plus as a digital

Schedule for release September 10, 2021.

 Format Info

CD + Blu-ray with 5.1 surround mix. Also available on CD or as a CD + Vinyl edition, and digital download.



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