Eddie Jobson - The Green Album and Theme of Secrets

Keyboardist and Violinist Eddie Jobson has taken a similar path as the recently released U.K. Ultimate Collectors Edition, the progressive rock band he help form back in the late 1970’s. His two acclaimed solo albums “The Green Album” and “Theme of Secrets” has been fully remastered and packaged as a deluxe digipak with a 7 page booklet featuring extensive liner notes, plus both albums on 2 CD’s and a single high resolution 24bit / 96kHz stereo Blu-ray.

The highly sought after and critically acclaimed 1983 Green Album features the studio band Zinc along with guest Gary Green of Gentle Giant. Jobson followed up his unique Progressive Rock vision with the New Age leaning 1985 Theme of Secrets which became a groundbreaking electronic music album performed entirely on the Synclavier Music Computer and featured in TIME magazine back in the day.

Scheduled for release June 14, 2019.

Eddie Jobson - Green Album and Theme of Secrets Bluray Hi-Res Edition

2 CD's and 1 Blu-ray 96k / 24-bit stereo.


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