Dave Kerzner - The Traveler (Special Edition)

"The Traveler" is Dave Kerzner's third solo studio album. The protagonist from his first album "New World" makes a comeback taking listeners deeper into the journey on this most current release. On this 2023 release the keyboardist, composer, and producer links stories not from just his first three solo albums, but also ties in with the In Continuum's "Acceleration Theory" project narrative and beyond.

Additionally, for the first time Kerzner has collaborated with band mates from four different bands/projects: In Continuum, Sound of Contact, Mantra Vega and Arc of Life! This tour de Force of musicianship features an all-star cast of Prog musicians including Fernando Perdomo, Durga McBroom, Nick D'Virgilio, Marco Minnemann, Randy McStine, Matt Dorsey, Francis Dunnery, Billy Sherwood, Jon Davison, Alex Cromarty, Stuart Fletcher, Ruti Celli, Joe Deninzon and more!

Of greatest interest to Hi-Res Edition readers is most likely the Special Edition 4-Disc Box Set which is housed in a 5" x 7" box that includes the main two album Special Edition CDs, plus 1 bonus CD that features an alternate version of the album known as "Listen Party" version, plus a DTS 96kHz / 24-bit 5.1 Surround Sound and a 48kHz / 24-bit LPCM Stereo mix on Blu-Ray. Also in the box set is a commemorative laminated backstage pass, guest pass sticker, 2" album cover sticker, Traveler postcard signed by Dave Kerzner and Fernando Perdomo, signed CD packaging with included booklet of lyrics and liner notes. As an independent artist, Kerzner took on some hefty expenses when creating his first ever 5.1 surround mix, which led to following the in the footsteps of major labels by only including the surround mix in this fabulous Special Edition Box Set.

Released January 20, 2023.


 Format Info

3CD + 1 Blu-ray featuring 5.1 DTS surround 48kHz / 24-bit and 96kHz / 24-+bit stereo mixes.  Also available for download and via streaming.



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