Argent – In Deep, Nexus and Ring of HandsWhen the Zombies disbanded in 1969, their keyboardist and songwriter Rod Argent formed the band “Argent,” incorporating jazz, classical, and art rock influences. The other members included guitarist and songwriter Russ Ballard, bassist Jim Rodford, and drummer Bob Henrit. Their earliest releases received a fair amount of critical acclaim, but the real breakthrough came later on with their album “In Deep” with their minor hit “God Gave Rock ‘N’ Roll to You.” The group rode the crest until 1974 when Ballard left for a solo career and was replaced by guitarist John Verity and string player John Grimaldi. However, without Ballard, focus waned and the band broke up in 1976. What we have here is a double SACD set that contains both stereo and quadraphonic versions of three of their mid-career albums: “Ring of Hands,” “In Deep,” and “Nexus.”

For those in the know you are well aware that Dutton Vocallion has been masterfully re-issuing classics like this over the past few years. Argent is part of a new batch of reissues that contain both a stereo and quad SACD layers, along with a standard Red Book layer for the CD version.

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Released December 18, 2019.


 Format Info

SACD 4.0 quad and 2.0 stereo dual layer hybrid disc.



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