Alan Parsons - The Secret

Alan Parsons has released his latest album “The Secret” on Frontiers Music on multiple formats, including CD, CD+DVD-A Deluxe Edition, or on vinyl LP and digital downloads. For Hi-Res enthusiasts the DVD-A contains both a High Definition Stereo and DTS 5.1 48kHz Surround Audio mix.

The Grammy Award Winning musician and producer has return to the pop rock sound with symphonic and progressive rock interludes which the Alan Parsons Project was so well known for. Collaborating with Jason Mraz, Alan comments they have mutual musical interests and for the track”'Miracle,” they each recorded their parts in their respective hometowns of Dallas and Santa Barbara. While Mraz while recorded his vocals, Parsons listened at his end sending files back and forth. A wonderful example of how our world can be so close, yet so far from each other. This studio magic also happened with Lou Gramm on the track “Sometimes,” which he sang in New York.

The guest list boast many other incredible musicians including Steve Hackett, Jeff Kollman, Dan Tracey, Andy Ellis, Tom Brooks, Angelo Pizzar, Nathan East, Vinnie Colaiuta, Danny Thompson, and Carl Sorensen, among others.

"The Secret" Tracklist:

2. MIRACLE (Lead Vocal: Jason Mraz)
3. AS LIGHTS FALL (Lead Vocal: Alan Parsons)
4. ONE NOTE SYMPHONY (Lead Vocal: Todd Cooper)
5. SOMETIMES (Lead Vocal: Lou Gramm)
6. SOIRÉE FANTASTIQUE (Lead Vocal: Todd Cooper, Alan Parsons)
7. FLY TO ME (Lead Vocal: Mark Mikel)
8. REQUIEM (Lead Vocal: Todd Cooper)
9. BEYOND THE YEARS OF GLORY (Lead Vocal: Pj Olsson)§
10. THE LIMELIGHT FADES AWAY (Lead Vocal: Jordan Asher Huffman)
11. I CAN’T GET THERE FROM HERE (Lead Vocal: Jared Mahone)§ Featured in the Motion

Released on April 26, 2019


CD + DVD-A deluxe edition with DTS 48kHz 5.1 mix, also available on black or blue vinyl.


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