Anthony Phillips – Strings of LightGenesis founding member Anthony Phillips’ 2019 album “Strings of Light” features many of his beautiful and rare guitars from his collection spanning across 2 CD’s of new material. This lovely new album is released on Esoteric Antenna and contains an NTSC region free DVD with both 2.0 stereo and 5.1 surround mixes by Anthony Phillips and James Collins.
Long-time fans like myself have been waiting seven years for his next release, and here we find twenty-four compositions, spanning two CDs, undoubtably making “Strings of Light” one of his finest instrumental guitar albums of his long and acclaimed career.
After a seven year absence of new recorded work, “Strings of Light” is a welcome return and sure to be a fine album by a legendary musician. Certainly, a good portion of the time during his absence from issuing a new album has been spent remixing and reissuing his back catalogue, several of which have been released in surround sound and contained a wealth of bonus material. But now we can enjoy something entirely new when it arrives October 25, 2019.


F2 CD + 1DVD with 5.1surround mix.


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