Riverside – Wasteland Deluxe Edition

Riverside has once again stepped into the surround realm with their latest album “Wasteland” available as part of a special edition 2CD+DVD version via Inside Out Music. This Digipak edition with Slipcase includes the album as hi-res stereo 24-bit and a 4.1 quad/surround mix by audio engineer and co-producer Robert Srzednicki, plus 3 video clips on the DVD. Fans will also find 5 tracks previously unreleased acoustic versions on the second CD.
Riverside remarks about this special edition; “And so we’ve been talked into this yet again ???? It’s our second encounter, after LFTM, with the surround sound. We’re hoping that revisiting this release in a different dimension will bring you a lot of joy and positive feelings, especially that we’re still touring with this material. As a bonus, we have prepared a few acoustic tracks in quite surprising arrangements. We’re hoping it will be an interesting experience ????”

The band has been around since 2001, releasing six long-players, a compilation, two mini-albums and two live albums, all while playing numerous tour dates around the world. Sadly, Riverside encountered a tragedy in February 2016 when the co-founder and guitarist of the band, Piotr Grudziński, died suddenly just before his 41st birthday. They in turn dedicated the retrospective album “Eye of the Soundscape” to their late friend. Now two years on they have returned with their seventh studio album called “Wasteland,” recorded as a trio with Mariusz Duda on vocals, guitars and basses, Piotr Kozieradzki playing the drums, and Michał Łapaj on keyboards and Hammond organ. Wasteland is truly the successor to their 2015 album “Love, Fear and the Time Machine,” with the new chapter beginning now, in 2019."

Fans will hear lots of guitar riffs along with darker elements and space. These are all combined with a new raw sound that Riverside had never had before, making the album quite an explosive mix. The group is certainly going through a second life syndrome, and they have consciously added some elements that pull from their earlier releases. The main theme of Wasteland is the attempt to survive in a world after an Apocalypse, with references to this in a few lyrics and song titles.

Scheduled for release on November 29th, 2019

 Format Info

2 CD + 1 DVD with hi-res stereo and 4.1 quad/surround mixes.


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Here is the exact track listing for the 3-Disc release:

CD 1 – “Wasteland” Album (50:58 min.):
1. The Day After (01:48)
2. Acid Rain (06:03)
3. Vale Of Tears (04:49)
4. Guardian Angel (04:24)
5. Lament (06:09)
6. The Struggle For Survival (09:32)
7. River Down Below (05:41)
8. Wasteland (08:25)
9. The Night Before (03:59)

CD 2 – “Acoustic Session” (26:48 min.):
1. Vale Of Tears – Acoustic (05:18)
2. Out Of Myself – Acoustic (03:57)
3. 02 Panic Room – Acoustic (03:26)
4. River Down Below – Acoustic (05:01)
5. Wasteland – Live Intro (09:00)

DVD (122:20 min.):
“Wasteland” Hi-Res Stereo (50:58 min.):
1. The Day After (Hi-Res Stereo) (01:48)
2. Acid Rain (Hi-Res Stereo) (06:03)
3. Vale Of Tears (Hi-Res Stereo) (04:49)
4. Guardian Angel (Hi-Res Stereo) (04:24)
5. Lament (Hi-Res Stereo) (06:09)
6. The Struggle For Survival (Hi-Res Stereo) (09:32)
7. River Down Below (Hi-Res Stereo) (05:41)
8. Wasteland (Hi-Res Stereo) (08:25)
9. The Night Before (Hi-Res Stereo) (03:59)

“Wasteland” Surround Mix (50:58 min.):
1. The Day After (Surround Mix) (01:48)
2. Acid Rain (Surround Mix) (06:03)
3. Vale Of Tears (Surround Mix) (04:49)
4. Guardian Angel (Surround Mix) (04:24)
5. Lament (Surround Mix) (06:09)
6. The Struggle For Survival (Surround Mix) (09:32)
7. River Down Below (Surround Mix) (05:41)
8. Wasteland (Surround Mix) (08:25)
9. The Night Before (Surround Mix) (03:59)

Video-Clips (20:24 min.):
1. Lament (Official Video) (06:11)
2. River Down Below (Official Video) (05:40)
3. Wasteland (Official Video) (08:33)

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