The Amnis Initiative – Identity

Identity is the 2019 release by The Amnis Initiative which has been released on CD and digital downloads formats. A 5.1 surround sound mix is available as a FLAC on both Sellfy and Surround Music One. This very warm and engaging electronica music blends melodic qualities with the classic sounds associated with the genre and the sonic qualities and ambient influences of the newest generation of electronica composers and the surround edition includes bonus tracks not available on the CD edition.

The concept album contains nine tracks of instrumental electronica music that explores what makes us who we are. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Track 14 studio in Veldhoven over the past two years and released in April 2019. Fans will hear textures and melodies composed by D.F. Lodewijks on the Roland, Korg, Yamaha, MemoryMoon (ME80 & Messiah), Dexed, EastWest, Steinberg, AAS, Valhalla, Overloud, and Lexicon performed and produced by The Amnis Initiative Recommended for surround collectors and fans of the electronica genre.


 Format Info

FLAC 5.1 download and available on CD .



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