Patrick Gleeson – FoureverPatrick Gleeson is a Grammy nominated 18th Century English literature PHD professor turned Master Synthesist of Apocalypse Now and Herbie Hancock’s legendary Mwandishi septet. Fourever is a 4 song 33 minute, 33 and 1/3 second album exploring the edge of minimalist jazz in quadraphonic sound, designed specifically for vinyl, but also available in Dolby Atmos.

In the analog realm, the LP has been encoded using dublab’s Quadraphonic Universally Accessible Resource Kit (QUARK). QUARK enables semi-binaural via standard 2-channel listening or 4-speaker listening via Involve Audio hardware decoders, vintage Regular Matrix quadraphonic receivers, Dolby Pro-Logic II receivers, or any multi-channel audio interface equipped computer. The specially formulated quadraphonic vinyl was pressed and one-step plated at RTI using a one-step process featuring Neotech’s low surface noise, semi-transparent VR900 compound. In the digital realm. Which is likely of most interest to readers of Hi-Res Edition, Fourever is available in a variety of formats, including digital download, streaming, and specifically high-resolution Dolby Atmos on Apple Music, Tidal, and Amazon HD.

In brief, this is a truly fun and engaging quad mix that immersionists can really dig their ears into. The electronic based music may not be for everyone, but fans of that genre like myself easily will find themselves wanting more. Dynamics are truly stunning on the 4.0 Wave edition I received, and it is this kind of release that pushes me to really consider an upgrade into the Atmos space.

Release September 28, 2021

 Format Info

Dolby Atmos download and streaming.  Featured as a quad decoded Vinyl LP from artist's website.



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