David Miles Huber - Parallax EdenElectronic music artist David Miles Huber has release his 2010 "Parallax Eden" on Pure Audio Blu-ray featuring three multiple mixes. All three are high resolution 24-bit / 96KHz which include 2.0 Stereo, 5.1 Surround and Auro-3D® 9.1 immersive sound. In addition these different mixes of the original compositions range from Chill Mixes to the uptempo Berlin Remixes.

Transporting the listener to new places, using downtempo beats melded with up-tempo grooves in imaginative ways that are both tranquil and energizing, parallax Eden is a unique album in that the complex groove patterns intertwine in unique and contemplative ways.

While I am wishing I could truly review the Auro 3D mix, I must say it is always a challenge to keep up with the never ending change in technology, be it audio, video, computers, or the like. Even more complicated is there are two unique formats for the next level of multi-channel audio. While these sort of work well side by side, my experience is that in the long run the consumer will end up choosing the winner, if there is one. At this time Dolby Athmos has taken the lead, however Auro 3D may prove to be better for music. Here is a good article that details the history and differences between these new codecs.

I have come to realy appreciate the fast load times of High Fidelity Pure Audio Blu-rays (HFPA). Likewise, there is no need to have a monitor to operate these discs, but one must read the box to know which codec they whish to select, or randomly click through the Red, Green, Blue or Yellow buttons to make a guess.

Before we get into the surround tracks, it is important to note that there are effectively multiple albums on this Parallax Eden Blu-ray. Listeners will find two stereo 24bit / 96kHz LPCM options featuring the original album mix and the new Chill mix. These are extremely unique, theoretically drawn from the same material, with plenty of depth and a pellucid sound quality. Both versions will take you into unique spaces, be prepared to trance or dance, and know that with one click between Yellow to Green you’ll be transformed to a different world all in on an excellent stereo sound stage.

I have a 7.1, actually a 7.2 setup, and surprisingly the HD Master Audio 5.1 layer is enveloping my room from all 7.1 channels, each with discreet sound. As I am running analog outputs from my Oppo to the amp, I can only assume that this layer is in fact in 7.1 rather than the stated 5.1. How can that be? Regardless, the separation and movement is great, creating a phenomenal listening experience. This mix is pretty laid back, a cross between the original and chill mixes with sounds crossing from channel to channel, front to back and of course hitting the far rear speakers too. There is good use of the center channel, and with everything firing the sweet spot is the place to be. The lows are resilient, assuring some probable earthquakes radiating from the listening room. Like literally all HFPA’s, I find the overall sound quality to be top shelf, calling me to seek out more releases like this.

I did press the Blue button, yielding either a stripped down or folded down Auro 3D soundtrack. Without the remaining two channels, I simply can’t be certain that elements are missing. Once again, this is a completely unique aural experience compared to all of the previous versions, and like the 5.1 version, which on my setup was actually 7.1, the Auro 3D 9.1 was completely immersive. It closely mimicked the stereo Chill mix, but Is identified as the Berlin Remixes.

Heck, basically there are four albums on this Blu-ray, not a bad deal, especially for electronica fans. While this genre has never been my favorite, enjoying it in surround has shed new light on this musical style. I could easily imagine these tunes blaring in a large dance hall with a huge surround setup, or out in the field with a Burning Man at the center. It is all in your imagination, and Parallax Eden will provide the soundtrack.

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High Fidelity Pure Audio (HFPA) Blu-ray.  Also as FLAC and DTS CD.

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