Jodi Shaw - In WaterlandThere are moments in life when by some form of magic a connection happens that leads to a wonderful discovery. Jodi Shaw is one of those brilliant connections which initially formed through a mutual friend on Twitter. After seeing many of her posts, mostly related to music, I asked about her latest release "In Waterland."  Jodi shared the link to her Band Camp page, and I immediately was captivated by her music.

A refreshing mix of folk, ambient, progressive, and what may best be described as a melding of Kate Bush and Suzanne Vega, Jodi has put together a wonderful release that is very enjoyable.Additionally, this is well recorded with a fantastic balance among the multitude of parts the spread across the stereo image.

Please take a listen here, and get your copy in either FLAC, Apple Lossless (ALAC), or for an extra couple of dollars you can have the compact disc.

  • Compact Disc or download either FLAC or Apple Lossless formats

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