Kid Arrow - Is it true we’ve only just started?What is beyond the horizon? A twinkling starlight that fills the aural tapestry within the electronic world painted across an ambient sky. For listeners, this can evoke the difference between want and need, a journey and reward, a wonderful yielding to an anthropological discovery. This is what lies beneath the surface. Listen in and wander together.

Originally released August 14, 2022, a 48kHz / 24-bit Quad and 48kHz / 24-bit 5.1 surround mix was released January 3, 2023 via FLAC download only. Quad mixed and produced by Markus Reuter, Quad to 5.1 surround upmixed by Jan Printz.


 Format Info

Digital download 48kHz / 24-bit Quad and 5.1 surround.  Also available as a Stereo download and via streaming sites.



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