Desert Island CollectionDefinitive Listening Desert Island Collection


Desert Island CollectionDefinitive Listening

Shawn Colvin - Fat CityFat city, the second album from singer / songwriter Shawn Colvin, which incorporates a glossier and more dynamically rich production, features an excellent batch of folk-rock songs. The album was produced by Larry Klein (bassist and producer for Joni Mitchell), who brought in top-notch session players for a stronger and more accessible album. The album is diversified, containing rootsy rockers to more sensitive folk ballads, each with an incredibly passionate delivery. The closing song “I Don’t Know Why” is my personal favorite, and is actually the first song she ever wrote. It was this among other tunes on Fat City that found considerable success in adult contemporary radio formats, adding to her growing fan base. The fantastic sound quality and production, along with Colvin’s skillful writing make this an absolute must have for any collection. You would not want to be stuck on a Desert Island without it.


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