Desert Island CollectionDefinitive Listening Desert Island Collection


Desert Island CollectionDefinitive Listening

Mickey Hart - Planet Drum

Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart set out to research world drum styles which yielded the incredible sounding Planet Drum album. On this release he brought together musicians from cultures as diverse as India, Brazil, and Nigeria, masterfully melding their regional styles together. The confluence of this effort also features drumming around singer Flora Purim, with fragile and lovely pieces that defines more space than they fill, underpinned by the rhythmic drumming with its nuanced subtleties. Your sound system will dig deep with the throbbing beats, and it certainly is perfect for tiki torches on your desert island beach. I sure hope you packed matches.

While this must have release is well known for its incredible sound quality, fans of drum work will likely want to extend their collection to include other albums from the Mickey Hart catalogue. Still it is the superlative album Planet Drum that one must include in their treasure chest.


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Available on CD, Audiophile Vinyl, and Hi-Res Download.



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