Desert Island CollectionDefinitive Listening Desert Island Collection

Desert Island CollectionDefinitive Listening

Joe Jackson – Big WorldEarly on in the digital audio revolution, Joe Jackson released two albums back to back that were recorded direct to digital two track. His 1984 Body and Soul and the 1986 Big World. Both boast remarkable sound clarity and offer a lively vibe that translates amazingly well into one’s desert island listening space. Each are compelling albums to add into one’s treasure chest, but Big World offers higher energy and a true live performance feel given that it was performed in front of a perfectly quiet audience at the Roundabout Theater in New York City.
When a sonically incredible live show is needed, Big World is the answer featuring many great songs including “Right and Wrong,” “50 Dollar Love Affair,” and “We Can’t Live Together” which among others will certainly rock any beach front as you wait for someone to rescue you! Creatively designed in three parts, if you happen to have a turntable, the fourth side is completely blank!


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Available on CD, Vinyl, or Cassette.



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