Desert Island CollectionDefinitive Listening Desert Island Collection

Desert Island CollectionDefinitive Listening

Indigo Girls – Indigo GirlsIndigo Girls became wildly popular with their self-titled sophomore release on Epic Records. Not only was the sound quality superlative, Amy Ray and Emily Saliers writing and vocals easily rivaled veteran folk duo Simon and Garfunkel’s works. For any fan of folk-rock this immediately became a must have album that is packed full of gems including “Closer to Fine,” “Blood and Fire,” and “Secure Yourself.”
Thus, undoubtably when stuck on a desert island one would surely want to include this album in their treasure chest. It will provide the energy to get through any long day while waiting for rescue. Close your eyes, and it will sound as though the Girls are right in front of you, suddenly transporting one back to civilization!


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CD and with some searching on Vinyl and Cassette.  Also available for streaming .



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