Desert Island CollectionDefinitive Listening Desert Island Collection

Desert Island CollectionDefinitive Listening

Human Sexual Response - Fig 14

If you were not growing up in 1980, the six men and a woman from Boston who had hit the new wave scene under the name of Human Sexual Response may have easily passed you by. It was their debut album Fig 14 that was filled with lots of humor that has gone on to be a cult classic and one not to miss for your desert island collection.

But beyond their comic and campy qualities, the elevated recording quality and musicianship make this a standout during an era when many of the punk releases lacked such detail. Their lyrical content on songs like “Jackie Onassis” and their screwy cover of “Cool Jerk” bring this record home, but be for warned parental advisory is strongly recommended.

Note the Vinyl edition is titled Fig 14, while the CD edition is titled Fig 15!


 Format Info

Vinyl and reissued on CD.  Also available on streaming services.



 Get your copy here:

Vinyl: Fig 14


CD: Fig 15



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