Desert Island CollectionDefinitive Listening Desert Island Collection

Desert Island CollectionDefinitive Listening

Gentle Giant - In a Glass HouseFor some Gentle Giant fans their 1972 album “Octopus” was their best release, yet their reformation into a quintet on their 1973 “In a Glass House” is by far my favorite. With the departure of Phil Shulman the group found themselves becoming a tighter group without the presence of his saxophones. The odd time signatures still rule, along with the tempo changes that can be somewhat jarring, all while putting their unique mark on the progressive rock world. For audiophiles the wide range of dynamics are captivating, making In a Glass House the group's most pleasing record with a strong rock edge, blending in all kinds of little experiments with percussion instruments adding to their modern medieval-style of music.

When you are watching the waves from your desert island, this challenging music absolutely yields some rewarding sounds. For the most discriminating listeners, the original masters have been lost, and at present no high-resolution version has been made available. However, this is an amazing album to put in your treasure chest. I suspect it will remain as fresh to you as it has to me decades later.


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