Desert Island CollectionDefinitive Listening Desert Island Collection

Desert Island CollectionDefinitive Listening

Fripp and Eno - Evening StarFripp and Eno undeniably created the ambient music genre with their two collaborations, 1973’s, No Pussyfooting and 1975’s Evening Star. Both albums operate on the Zen principle which transcends listeners to the realm of enlightenment. Deploying pure Frippertronics: the sound of Fripp’s swelling, endlessly sustained guitar lines and backed by Eno’s looped electronics, the duo works together with particular attention to subtle details. A single guitar tone, an seemingly innocuous musical phrases that are transformed, evolving slowly by fluctuations in texture and tonality. My favorite of the two, and by far the better known, is Evening Star, which delivers meditative sounds with a futuristic sharpness. Specifically, it is the astonishing “Index of Metals,” the nearly half-hour drone piece which showcases the more abstract side of ambient electronics, somewhat chilling, steadily decaying into a gentle wave-like wash taking you back to when summer afternoons were still allowed to drag. A perfect album for your Desert Island Collection, especially for moments when time has no meaning.


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