Desert Island CollectionDefinitive Listening Desert Island Collection

Desert Island CollectionDefinitive Listening

Bryan Ferry - Boys and GirlsBryan Ferry elegantly lays out his sixth album “Boys and Girls” after his band Roxy Music culminated in the same year with their ever popular1982 release “Avalon.” Dedicated to Ferry's father, Boys and Girls is certainly most well-known for its smash single “Slave to Love,” lead by a gentle samba, this became the 80’s version of easy listening at its finest. The album fully embarked on a cool and clean vision of Ferry, highly polished and magnificently produced, leaving behind the 1970’s ragged rock explosions with their emotional extremes. His suave, melancholic music brilliantly bathes the listener in an enormous sound without being over bearing, but this does lack in variety, keeping the pace closer to placid throughout the record. It is this evenness that makes Boys and Girls a perfect entrance to Ferry’s incredible discography and ever so perfect to tuck into the trunk of your Desert Island Collection.


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Available on CD and Vinyl.  Also available as 5.1 surround sound SACD with some searching.



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