Desert Island CollectionDefinitive Listening Desert Island Collection

Desert Island CollectionDefinitive Listening

Bob Dylan - Blonde on BlondBob Dylan over the past 50 years since his earliest release in the 60’s has truly recorded many fabulous and beloved albums. And that is why it is extremely hard to choose one that can fit into a must have eclectic Desert Island Collection. Still invariably the double album “Blonde on Blonde” has continued to stand out as a pillar of his career, blending blues, country, rock, and folk into a wild, careening, and dense sound. It is on this album that Bob Dylan led a group comprised of his touring band which included Robbie Robertson on guitar, creating a rich set of songs. Dylan never seems to lack words, providing endless lyrical revelations, adding in the sense of the absurd, driven by inventive, surreal, and witty wordplay. The music matches the high level of creativity and is filled with cutting guitar riffs, fluid organ riffs, crisp pianos, and even woozy brass parts. However, he never released a studio record that rocked this hard, nor one with such bizarre imagery, leaving Blonde on Blonde as the quintessential album for your Desert Island Collection.


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Available as 96kHz/24bit download, limited availabillity on CD, Vinyl, and 5.1 SACD.



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