About a decade ago, I heard my first surround sound disc at a neighbor's home. I was instantly hooked. As a former sound engineer, I have always sought out high quality recordings, and multi-channel releases just added to that dimension. Of course Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" SACD was one of the first releases we listened to that day, and I enjoyed the immersive mix that swept around the room.

However, it took a few more years before I was able to purchase my own surround sound system, during this time I had already started to collect a few discs. Actually, I had even purchased a Universal player in advance of an amplifier and speakers that supported surround sound. The high quality of the stereo SACD and DVD-Audio discs was certainly a dramatic improvement over the standard compact disc. When the Genesis SACD box sets were released, I went full in and picked up all the speakers and amplifiers to complete the surround sound system.

This was an incredible step forward in home audio, and my enjoyment of the classic progressive rock albums was magnified by the spacious room filling sound of the multi-channel mixes. As I continued to collect surround sound discs, I found it somewhat difficult to obtain detailed reviews about the audio quality, and recognized the need to provide these reviews for fellow high resolution audio and surround sound enthusiasts. Thus, Mediaversal was launched in early 2011 as a Music and Video review site for high resolution audio and high definition video focused on music.

Over the past few years I have reviewed Blu-ray audio, DVD-Audio, SACD, and Compact Disc releases. Recently I started to review FLAC and Apple Lossless albums available in both surround sound and stereo. I rebranded this review site as Hi-Res Edition at the end of 2017 to more clearly describe the focus of the reviews.

I am glad you visited, please check out the various reviews, and offer your comments.


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